New Booking System

New booking system- helpful information

This new system is being constantly upgraded so things should become smoother and easier over time.
We hope that you find this booking system quick and easy to use. Like everything, once you have done it once, I’m sure you will find it painless.
As you make your booking, you can see a running total to help you with your order.
If at any point you find this process a little tricky, please don’t hesitate to email or call, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Please note: if you have more than one child, but you want them to attend jointly, as well as on separate days, you will have to make two separate bookings (a booking for the days they will attend together, and they days they will attend separately).

Page 1
On page one you can add the number of children, and also select the days you would like to book for. You can book for multiple holidays here.
Step 1- only put a maximum of 1 attendee per drop down box
Step 2- select the days you would like.

Page 2
This page requires you to input your information.
Customer= parent details
Details= child/ children

Page 3

This is where you can add any extras like the early or late drop off.

Page 4
 Payment page. We cannot accept childcare vouchers so please email to make a booking.
Due to the new booking system, we can no longer offer an early bird rate. However, our new prices are cheaper than the old standard rate.