Fun with US

Daily Routine

 Children can arrive from 0830 onwards, and activities will begin about 0900. We do offer an early start, (8am) for a small extra cost.

We will aim to have a physical activity and a craft activity for both the morning and the afternoon session. There will also be a break and snack time to break up the morning and the afternoon. 

Children who are just staying for the morning will be picked up at 1230.

Lunch will be from 1230-1330

Children attending the afternoon session should arrive from 1330.

We will finish activities and tidy up from 1700. Children should be picked up from 1700 onwards. Last pick up at 1730.  We do offer a late finish, (6pm) for a small extra cost.



 The club is open to suggestions, but we will be running a variety of team games and sports activities, sessions based around healthy choices and arts and crafts. Each week also has a theme please look out on social media for updates.

For example- 



grab ball

capture the flag


parachute games


fitball football

paper boxes


candle holders

cards for different occasions 

junk modelling

seasonal crafts


tie- dye  

to name a few!



Mum of 7 year old boy

 Thank you for being that kind of holiday club. Your staff should be incredibly proud of themselves.  

MUm of 5 year old girl

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her her Easter holidays with your wonderful team! I was so impressed with their care, attention an enthusiasm each day. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

7 year old boy

 The grown ups are really nice and they look after the small children like us so you will be fine. If you are sad you can tell them and they sit with you.

Mum of 11 year old boy and 8 year old girl.

 My children had a fantastic time. All previous holiday clubs have been 'one- offs' and my children never want to return. This has been a huge success for my children. Staff members with natural enthusiasm and a passion for working with children is a must. For my two it is all about that relationship. 

Mum of 11 year old girl and 8 year old boy

 Both of my children love coming. It is not easy finding a club that can keep both of them happy, so I am very grateful. 

Mum of 10 year old boy and 7 year old boy

 Both of my boys enjoyed being able to join in set activities if they wanted.